We have started to produce aluminium profiles since 1998 in Gebze/Kocaeli and providing our services for more than 20 years with our 3 extrusion presses, mechanical treatment plant, anodizing plant and 2 electrostatic powder coating plants in a closed area of ​​10.000 m².

With this experience and know-how, we export a significant part of our products, mainly Europe and Middle East.

Our products are aluminum door and window profiles, facade systems, furniture profiles, handrail profiles, shower cabin profiles, curtain profiles, shutter profiles, standard profiles, various industrial profiles and special customer profiles.

With total quality policy, our experience and knowledge overcoming expectations of our customers by producing the highest quality products and with the right price / quality ratio becoming one of the leading export companies in Turkey.

To produce quality products that meet the expectations of our customers by continually improving the quality of our products and services and to offer our customers the most exclusive service in market by concentrating all of our activities for customer satisfaction.

Our expert staffs are providing the highest quality product shipment by making the necessary measurements, controls and reports in according to customer demands in all production units with total quality management philosophy.

Gensa Aluminum has aimed to keep customer expectation and satisfaction at the highest level in all processes from raw material supply to product shipment according to ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Certificate and has placed quality consciousness at every stage of production by showing maximum sensitivity.

Today, the world economy is in search of a sustainable economy and rebuilding of life against the risk of global warming and climate change which is a natural consequence of environmental destruction. In this context, sustainable development represents a very important step towards more efficient use of natural resources and a safer life in the future.

We are aware of our responsibility as Gensa Aluminum. The chemical wastes in our facility are discharged after treatment at the treatment plants so as not to damage the environment and we take precautions precisely for a more livable world.