Electrostatic Powder Coating

Electrostatic powder coating is a solvent-free surface coating method. Coating material is very fine powder paint particles which form the topcoat paint layer. The paint is dumped through special paint devices in the paint cabinet. When passing through the devices, electrostatic powder particles adhere to the material to be painted in the cabin and the coating process is carried out. The profiles enter the furnace after being coated with powder paint. The furnace temperature of 200ºC ensures that the powder coat melt and adheres to the profile. The advantage over theanodising is the unlimited color options.

The process steps can be listed as follows:

  • The chemical pretreatment process, which will provide the powder paint adhere to the surface of the profile and increase the corrosion resistance of the underlayer,
  • Hanging process considering the visible surface
  • Powder coating on the surface with Corona system guns
  • Curing

We have 2 Electrostatic Powder Coating plants and our monthly capacity is 500 tons and 6000 tons per year. The maximum length is 7000 mm. All RAL colors and special colors can be painted. The thickness of the powder coating layer is 60-80 microns.